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NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
23,7M 249k 0

National Geographic
50,9M 85,2k 0

The New Yorker Cartoons
1,13M 44,8k 0

16,6M 31,9k 0

The Academy
3,01M 12,4k 0

The Oatmeal
3,80M 4,81k 0


How to make the most of it

Here is how we can help you be more successful by following best practises of other pages.

Outstanding posts

Find posts with the most interactions

Instantly take a look at the three posts with the most interactions (Shares + Comments + Reactions) to see what worked best for that page in the last 30 days.

There are tons of resources about best practices and tips for your Facebook posts, but what works best isn't always what you might expect and can also be specific to your industry.

With SocialRanking you can see what works best for pages you care about and get real-life examples and ideas for your own page.


Some of the posts with the most interactions of the suggested pages.

Amazon Prime Video
Scatter chart

Find outliers for specific metrics

Get an overview of all posts in a scatter chart to easily find outliers with the most reactions, comments, or shares.

Sometimes the sum of interactions doesn't tell the whole story. That's why this chart is great to dig deeper and find posts that did especially well in one of those metrics.

Photo by Walling on Unsplash


Some of the posts with the most shares of the suggested pages.

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Who is this for?

Social Media Agencies and Marketers

If you are responsible for multiple Facebook pages for clients, SocialRanking can help a lot to keep an eye on the numbers and get inspiration for new posts.

Create a table with your clients Facebook Pages to keep an eye on the numbers.

Create tables for each client and add their competitors pages to see what their posts

Share your tables with others and let them see how the pages are ranking.

Business Owners

If you have your own Facebook page you can use SocialRanking to gather ideas for new posts.

Create a table with pages in your industry and learn from their most successful posts.

Create a table with popular brands in other industries and get ideas for new posts.

Get a weekly summary to stay in the loop of what is being posted.

Premium features

Easily track multiple pages in one or more tables and keep an eye on new posts.

Make your tables public and share the with your colleagues, friends, and clients.

Get a scatter charts that combines the posts of all pages you are tracking.

Get weekly email summaries of your pages to stay on top of what's going on.

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